Black Dyed Hardwood Mulch

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"Our black and brown dyed mulches consist of 100% recycled hardwood trees tinted with FDA approved vegetable dye and ground to a fine to medium texture (1"-2 1/2"). We have a mock cypress (golden in color) and cherry red mulch products also. The cypress and red mulch products consist of recycled hardwood pallets. These dye enhanced mulches should maintain their color longer than the natural hardwoods and should decompose at a slower rate. Once the dyed mulches are applied to your landscape it may be necessary to allow the mulch a drying time of 24 hours. Very unlikely, but heavy rains may wash colorant. Also, it is recommended that upon delivery customers lay down a tarp to protect possible staining to driveway. " Available in 5 colors, red mulch, black mulch, dark brown mulch, chocolate mulch, and mock cypress mulch.

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